Brill Satın Alınan E-Kitaplar

13 Ocak 2021 Çarşamba

Birimlerden gelen istekler doğrultusunda satın alınan 106 kitabın erişim bilgileri aşağıda paylaşılmıştır.
Sıra Eser Adı Yıl Yazar URLs (DOI)
1 A Clumsy Encounter 2011 Claire Penketh
2 A Long Walk to School 2010 Vianne Timmons; Vianne Timmons (Volume Editors)
3 A Transformatory Ethic of Inclusion 2009 Jayne Clapton
4 Activity Theory in Education 2016 Dilani S.P. Gedera; P. John Williams (Volume Editors)
5 Contemporary Issues In Education 2005 David Seth Preston (Volume Editor)
6 Critical Perspectives on Human Rights and Disability Law 2011 Marcia H. Rioux; Lee Ann Basser; Melinda Jones (Editors)
7 Disability and Dissensus: Strategies of Disability Representation and Inclusion in Contemporary Culture 2020 Katarzyna Ojrzynska; Maciej Wieczorek (Volume Editors)
8 Education Systems in Historical, Cultural, and Sociological Perspectives 2011 Daniel Tröhler; Raghild Barbu (Volume Editors)
9 Education, Disability and Inclusion 2017 Ignacio Calderón-Almendros; Sabina Habegger-Lardoeyt
10 From Exclusion to Excellence 2017 Michal Razer; Victor J. Friedman
11 Home/Schooling 2016 Kyle Greenwalt
12 Identity, Learning and Support in Virtual Environments 2009 Sharon Tettegah; Cynthia Calongne (Volume Editors)
13 Inclusion through Access to Higher Education 2018 Marie-Agnès Détourbe (Volume Editor)
14 Inclusive Education 2017 Vicky Plows; Ben Whitburn (Volume Editors)
15 John Dewey and Education Outdoors 2013 John Quay; Jayson Seaman
16 Leadership for Inclusion 2010 Alan L. Edmunds; Robert R. Macmillan (Volume Editors)
17 Miracle of Education 2012 Hannele Niemi; Auli Toom; Arto Kallioniemi (Volume Editors)
18 Miracle of Education 2016 Hannele Niemi; Auli Toom; Arto Kallioniemi (Volume Editors)
19 Paulo Freire 2017 James D. Kirylo; Drick Boyd
20 People with Intellectual Disability Experiencing University Life 2019 Patricia O’Brien; Michelle L. Bonati; Friederike Gadow; Roger Slee (Volume Editors)
21 Student Perspectives on School 2018 Jeanette Berman; Jude MacArthur (Volume Editors)
22 Students, Teachers, and Leaders Addressing Bullying in Schools 2015 Christa Boske; Azadeh Osanloo (Volume Editors)
23 The Autistic Stage 2015 Telory Davies Arendell
24 The Construction of Disability in our Schools 2008 Kathryn Underwood
25 Transforming the School-to-Prison Pipeline 2014 Debra M. Pane; Tonette S. Rocco
26 Visual Data 2009 Jon E. Pedersen; Kevin D. Finson (Volume Editors)
27 Vygotsky and Literacy Research 2011 Peter Smagorinsky
28 Designing Inclusive Pathways with Young Adults 2015 Judith Kearney; Lesley Wood; Richard Teare
29 A Companion to Music at the Habsburg Courts in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries 2020 Andrew H. Weaver (Volume Editor)
30 A Companion to Music in Sixteenth-Century Venice 2018 Katelijne Schiltz (Volume Editor)
31 Europäische Musik – Musik Europas 2017 Andreas Kablitz; Otfried Höffe (Editors)
32 Headaches Among the Overtones 2013 Catherine Laws
33 Henry George Farmer and the First International Congress of Arab Music (Cairo 1932) 2015 Israel Katz
34 Judaism and Islam One God One Music 2020 Merav Rosenfeld-Hadad
35 Listening to an Earlier Java 2010 Sarah Weiss
36 Literature and Music 2002 Michael J. Meyer (Volume Editor)
37 Music and Esotericism 2010 Laurence Wuidar (Volume Editor)
38 Music in the Balkans 2013 Jim Samson
39 Music, Popular Culture, Identities 2002 Richard A. Young (Volume Editor)
40 Musica Enchiriadis 2016 Petra Weber (Volume Editor)
41 Musical and Socio-Cultural Anecdotes from Kitab al-Aghani al-Kabir 2019 George Dimitri Sawa
42 Musical Culture in the World of Adam de la Halle 2019 Jennifer Saltzstein (Volume Editor)
43 Philosophical and Cultural Theories of Music 2010 Eduardo de la Fuente; Peter Murphy (Editors)
44 Philosophies of Music in Medieval Islam 1995 Fadlou Shehadi
45 Self-Reference in Literature and Music 2010 Walter Bernhart; Werner Wolf (Volume Editors)
46 Silence and Absence in Literature and Music 2016 Werner Wolf; Walter Bernhart (Volume Editors)
47 Text, Performance, and Gender in Chinese Literature and Music 2009 Maghiel van Crevel; Michel Hockx; Tian Yuan Tan (Editors)
48 The Legacy of Opera 2013 Dominic Symonds; Pamela Karantonis (Volume Editors)
49 The Popular Avant-Garde 2010 Renée M. Silverman (Volume Editor)
50 Word and Music Studies: Essays on Performativity and on Surveying the Field 2011 Walter Bernhart (Volume Editor)
51 Research on Writing: Approaches in Mental Health 2011 Luciano L'Abate; Laura Sweeney (Editors)
52 Creativity and the Child 2009 Wendy C. Turgeon (Volume Editor)
53 Perception, Meaning and Identity 2010 Irena C. Veljanova (Volume Editor)
54 Making Sense of Suicide? 2011 Kathy McKay; Jann E. Schlimme (Volume Editors)
55 Masculinity/Femininty: re-framing a fragmented debate 2012 Jon Ross; Ambrogia Cereda (Volume Editors)
56 BULLYING: An assault on human dignity 2012 Carrie B. Fitzgerald; Laura M. Gerace (Volume Editors)
57 Gender and Love: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Second Edition 2013 Noemi de Haro Garcia; Maria-Anna Tseliou (Editors)
58 Negotiating Boundaries in Multicultural Societies 2014 Dina Mansour; Andrew Milne (Editors)
59 All Equally Real: Femininities and Masculinities Today 2014 Anna Pilinska; Harmony Siganporia (Editors)
60 Human Rights in Action 2010 Miia Halme-Tuomisaari
61 Muslims in British Local Government 2014 Eren Tatari
62 Cultural Rights as Collective Rights 2016 Andrzej Jakubowski (Volume Editor)
63 Human Rights and Power in Times of Globalisation 2018 Ekaterina Yahyaoui Krivenko (Volume Editor)
64 The Right to Development 2019 Wei Zhang (Volume Editor)
65 The Politics of Gender 2018 Adrienne Trier-Bieniek (Volume Editor)
66 Feminist Theory and Pop Culture 2019 Adrienne Trier-Bieniek (Volume Editor)
67 Human Rights and the Concept of a Human Community with a Shared Future 2020 Jian Chang; Ruoyu LI; Chong Zhang; Hui Shi (Editors)
68 Citizens of the World 2011 Robert Danisch (Volume Editor)
69 Religion, Human Rights and International Law 2007 Javaid Rehman; Susan Breau (Editors)
70 Religion, Politics and Law 2009 Bart Labuschagne (Author); Reinhard Sonnenschmidt (Volume Editor)
71 Sociology: Inquiries into the Construction of Social Forms 2009 Georg Simmel (Author); Anthony J. Blasi; Anton K. Jacobs; Mathew Kanjirathinkal (Editors / Translators)
72 The Effectiveness of Domestic Human Rights NGOs 2008 Scott Calnan
73 Women Principals in a Multicultural Society 2006 Izhar Oplatka; Rachel Hertz-Lazarowitz (Volume Editors)
74 Gender, Sexuality and Development 2008 Máiréad Dunne (Volume Editor)
75 Service Integration in Schools 2008 Joan Forbes; Cate Watson (Volume Editors)
76 Citizenship Education 2008 Nader Al-Refai; Christopher Adam Bagley
77 Environmental Education in Context 2009 Neil Taylor; Michael Littledyke; Chris Eames; Richard K. Coll (Volume Editors)
78 Cyberculture and New Media 2009 Francisco J. Ricardo (Volume Editor)
79 Cybercultures 2012 Harris Breslow; Aris Mousoutzanis (Volume Editors)
80 Activity Theory in Formal and Informal Science Education 2013 Katerina Plakitsi (Volume Editor)
81 Democratic Science Teaching 2011 Sreyashi Jhumki Basu; Angela Calabrese Barton; Edna Tan (Volume Editors)
82 Science Education in International Contexts 2011 May M.H. Cheng; Winnie W.M. So (Volume Editors)
83 Fostering Human Development Through Engineering and Technology Education 2011 Moshe Barak; Michael Hacker (Volume Editors)
84 Spirituality, Education & Society 2011 Njoki N. Wane; Energy L. Manyimo; Eric J. Ritskes (Volume Editors)
85 The Persons in Relation Perspective 2012 Colin Kirkwood
86 Technology Education for Teachers 2012 P. John Williams (Volume Editor)
87 Constructing Representations to Learn in Science 2013 Russell Tytler; Vaughan Prain; Peter Hubber; Bruce Waldrip (Volume Editors)
88 The Ecology of School 2013 David B. Zandvliet (Volume Editor)
89 Political Sociology of Adult Education 2013 Carlos Alberto Torres
90 Volunteer Work, Informal Learning and Social Action 2013 Fiona Duguid; Karsten Mündel; Daniel Schugurensky (Volume Editors)
91 Leaders in Gender and Education 2013 Marcus B. Weaver-Hightower; Christine Skelton (Volume Editors)
92 Capacity Building for School Improvement 2013 Patricia Stringer
93 Learning with Adults 2013 Peter Mayo (Volume Editor)
94 Lifelong Action Learning for Community Development 2013 Richard Teare; Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt
95 Environment, Ethics and Cultures 2015 Kay Stables; Steve Keirl (Volume Editors)
96 A Practice-based Model of STEM Teaching 2015 Alpaslan Sahin (Volume Editor)
97 Gender Lessons 2015 Scott Richardson
98 Adult Education in Communities 2015 Emilio Lucio-Villegas
99 Feminist Theory and Pop Culture 2015 Adrienne Trier-Bieniek (Volume Editor)
100 Feminism in Community 2015 Leona M. English; Catherine J. Irving
101 A Guide to Teaching Elementary Science 2016 Yvette F. Greenspan
102 Introduction to Gender Studies in Eastern and Southern Africa 2016 James Etim (Volume Editor)
103 Science and Technology Education and Communication 2016 Maarten C.A. van der Sanden; Marc J. de Vries (Volume Editors)
104 Science Education 2017 Keith S. Taber; Ben Ben Akpan (Volume Editors)
105 Women of Influence in Education 2017 Nita Cherry; Joy Higgs (Volume Editors)
106 Equality and Ethnic Identities 2017 Alice Akoshia Ayikaaley Sawyerr; Christopher Adam Bagley